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Axie Infinity Co-Founder Loses $9.7m In 3,248 Ethereum (ETH) Wallet Hack

Bitcoin World 25 Feb 2024
23, blockchain investigator PeckShield alerted about a “whale wallet” compromise over the Ronin Bridge, reporting that the hacker made away with 3,248 ETH ... Unlike Axie Infinity’s Jihoz hacker, Larsen’s ...

3,248 ETH Stolen In Axie Infinity Co-Founder Hack – Here Are The Details

Bitcoinist 24 Feb 2024
The suspicious activity was revealed by a blockchain investigator, who alerted of the compromised whale wallet over the Ronin bridge ... Hackers have targeted important figures within the blockchain and crypto sphere in the last month.

Ronin Co-founder Zirlin Claims he Lost $9.7M to Wallet Hack

CryptoPotato 23 Feb 2024
A hacker attacked 2 wallets of @Jihoz_Axie and stole $10.46M assets, including. ... According to blockchain investigator PeckShield, the hack was caused by a “wallet compromise” whereby the hacker could transfer funds unauthorized.

Bitcoin’s Role in Reshaping Modern Infrastructure Development

The Signal 19 Feb 2024
Understanding Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology ... But what exactly is blockchain? ... With blockchain, the data is distributed across multiple computers, making it extremely difficult for hackers to tamper with or manipulate the information.

Vitalik Buterin Sees AI as Solution to Ethereum’s Biggest Technical Risk

Coinspeaker 19 Feb 2024
Coinspeaker ... Chainalysis, a blockchain analysis firm, that the hacker exploited a smart contract vulnerability within Wormhole Bridge ... In 2023, Sandra Leow, Nansen Analyst, told The Block they foresee AI agents becoming key blockchain users ... next.

Avax News : Is Avalanche Worth the Hype?

CoinGape 16 Feb 2024
In October 2023, Avalanche also launched a blockchain database system called Firewood ... In the case of Avalanche, the attacker needs 80% of the stocks, whereas, in the case of other blockchains, only 51% is enough to give access to hackers.

Crypto Money Laundering Plummets By 29% In Latest Chainalysis Findings

NewsBTC 16 Feb 2024
North Korean Hackers And Cross-Chain Bridges ... The report cites the shutdown of mixer services, such as Sinbad, and the subsequent rise of replacements like YoMix, which has become a preferred mixer for North Korea-affiliated hackers.

Flow Price Rallies 40% In 10 Days, But $1 Remains Out Of Reach

CoinChapter 16 Feb 2024
The Flow Network announced its plans to host its first hacker house at the ETHDenver community meet. The event can potentially help the blockchain platform forge new partnerships, with several projects already welcoming the event ... Source ... ....

Bitcoin jumped above $52,000. Could this rally be sustainable?

Cex 15 Feb 2024
According to Cyvers, a blockchain security firm, the hacker managed to add their address as a minter on the Web3 gaming platform PlayDapp ... This means it’s unlikely the hacker will be able to ...

This NFT Platform Lost $290M in a 4-Day Exploit

CryptoPotato 14 Feb 2024
Blockchain security firm ... Without hesitation, the hacker began to launder the stolen funds, swapping and dispersing the assets to different blockchains ... The hacker’s wallets have been frozen, too.

Ethical hackers launch initiative to tackle crypto theft

Cryptopolitan 14 Feb 2024
The inspiration behind the Security Alliance’s formation was the Nomad hack in August 2022, highlighting the dire need for a legal framework to support white hat hackers in their efforts to secure the blockchain ecosystem.

PlayDapp halts smart contract amid ongoing hack

Cryptopolitan 14 Feb 2024
Blockchain security firm PeckShield highlighted a potential private key leak after an astonishing 200 million of PlayDapp’s native PLA tokens, valued at $31 million, were minted without authorization.

Should security be immutable?

Cryptoslate 11 Feb 2024
For example, advancements in blockchain technology continue to take place rapidly ... At the same time, this will create an opportunity for hackers and it is important to remember that blockchains are by no means perfect.

Gaming Platform PlayDapp Suffers $31 Million Hack – Details

Bitcoinist 11 Feb 2024
PlayDapp Deployer Address Compromised As Hacker Mints 200 Million PLA ... In addition, the Web3 network has promised to place a public bounty on the hacker as well as employ the services of an anonymous blockchain security firm.

Experts reveal the steps to take to avoid a cryptocurrency scam

The World 11 Feb 2024
Seed phrases are a sequence of random words that store the data required to access or recover cryptocurrency on blockchains or crypto wallets. Hackers will often attempt to steal these in order to gain access to your crypto and steal it.